Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trouble getting Into The Driver Or Passenger Seats? - An Excellent Fix!

    As we get older, if we're lucky, our bodies will cooperate with us and keep on going strong. Well, sometimes this simply isn't the case. I remember an old saying, "The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak." This doesn't mean you can't do what you want, but maybe a tiny bit of help would go a long way to making it easier. Many RV's, especially Class A's without Driver and Passenger doors are a bit difficult to get down into the front seats. Especially with a large engine cover blocking your feet! How can you make it easier to do without too much trouble?

Secure And Ready To Be Used
The key here is a securely fastened, solid hand hold. Secure is the MOST important part. If you are going to use it for safety and security while getting into the seats, make ABSOLUTELY sure it will hold your weight...and then some! An important tip here, before you install any roof mounted hand hold, is to make sure you won't be banging your head into it every time you go past. Believe me, no matter how much I like the ease of ingress and egress using the hand hold, I don't like where they are. Every time I go to adjust the TV/Monitor, the Digital Media System or the Satellite Receiver up front and knock my head on the handles, it's my fault, I know that. I should be able to learn and remember where they are and avoid them, but I don't. Must be some type of strange mental block. You'd think the bruised forehead would remind me?? Nope.

Caps Cover The Mounting Bolts
Once you figure out just where the hand hold should be mounted, you have to make sure that the structure above it will support your weight (and then some) Mine are tied into one of the structural steel frame hoops inside the roof section. Some RVs use wooden structures exclusively so you will have to find an appropriate mounting point. You may not be able to. Some RV roofs can only support their weight and additional force applied could damage the structure underneath. Be careful. When in doubt...DON'T DO IT! You could get injured (perhaps severely) if the hand hold comes loose when you on using it.

If everything checks out, mount your hand hold securely to the structure you need to. That means deciding on a type of mounting fastener. Mine use 2 short bolts through the roof structure for each hand hold. I wouldn't use any kind of wood screw to fasten something to any roof. The chances it would pull out are very high. If you are unsure as to whether the mounting location/type is secure enough, let a professional handle it, or at least advise, better safe than sorry. Once mounted, you have an easy place to support yourself while getting in and out of hard to reach seating.

There were many RV's that came standard with grab handles for the front seat passengers. Maybe they knew something I didn't?

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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