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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Does Anyone Still Read Books On Paper? - Why!?!

    I read. I read a lot! I've always carried 20 or 30 books around, because I read so much. I read pretty quickly, that means I am always carrying a bunch of already read books along for the ride. I can't bear to throw them away. I'm a pack-rat at heart. I have so many books at home I am essentially out of storage for them! A few years ago, I took a long trip via the airline method. I had 10 books with me for the flights there and back. I had to do some fast-talking to convince them to let me bring that much as carry-on! can bring even less on board. Never fear, there is a solution (or two!) I switched over to E-books. These are identical to the paper based variety, but the text is on your device's screen. What!?! Does that even work? Can you read it easily??  Read on!

I use my cell phone with a 4.3" screen to read my books. It's very close to the size of a paperback  book. I've set the font size to be comfortable to read and the page count is about the same. If you wear glasses to read, you could always enlarge the text till it's legible! Try THAT with a paper based book! You could also switch to a small 7" tablet or even a full sized one. Then magazines and newspapers become comfortable to peruse. To do all this, you have to have the device first (duh.) then you need an application to read the E-book files. There are MANY of those applications available for both Android and Apple devices. On my Android phone and tablets I use one called Moon Reader. I used the free version for a long time, but the paid version is only $4.99. Though, if you use the free one (which works great!) they have a sale many times during a year for 50% off. That's what I  waited to do.

My phone has around 10,000 books on it (!) and I never run out of something to read. Of course, being a pack-rat I never delete any of the ones I've already read. Sometimes, I even re-read a series of books when a new one in the series comes out. I have to tell you, reading before bed in the RV with rain coming down outside.....there are few things that are that nice. Before I had to use all sorts of little book-light gizmos, with this style of reading it has its' own backlight! Oh, and its' dimmable too. If you have the time, you can even download books with covers! So you get to see the cool artwork as well.

I a pretty sure I read even more now than I did before. I used to "ration" out the chapters so I wouldn't run out of reading material while traveling. Now that's really never a problem. I do miss having the paper copies around, but not as much as I enjoy reading new books! As an added side benefit, typically E-books are significantly less expensive than their paper counterparts.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"