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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Junk Drawer - What's In There And What Can You Toss?

All Nice And Tidy!
    Admit it....we all have one, a Junk Drawer. That's the one that ends up catching all the odds and ends from all around the RV. Eventually, it fills up and you have to figure out what you need and what you don't. How many times have you gone searching through that drawer looking for something you KNEW was in there only to find out (after you've taken everything out and made a mess on the counter) that it wasn't there! During long (and cold!) winters in the Northeast I like to work on the inside of the RV...the furnace works great and I am hooked up to shore power so I can use electric heaters instead. This week I tackled the junk drawer. Wow, I was amazed at what had accumulated there. I found some things I have been looking for that have been missing quite a while. And I found some stuff that I wondered, "What the heck do I need to keep this for anyway?" Decisions, decisions!
The Magic "Junk" Drawer

My junk drawer, which is tiny, isn't really even a drawer. It's more like a fold out storage bin. When I first bought my RV it was a great place to store a reversible bit screwdriver. Then as time went on it became a great place to store anything and everything! Screws, nuts, bolts, stray bits and pieces from projects, pens pencils, Allen name it, it ended up in the drawer. I even have an extra winterization hose end to attach compressed air to the water system to blow it out. Why it's in there, I have no idea! I'll bet everyone out there has a similar space onboard their RVs. I've written many articles on organizing storage and using smaller plastic boxes to keep things in their place. Why don't I keep up with that advice?

A Bit Better..Still, Why Is The Air Hose Adapter In There?
Probably because I'm a pack rat at heart. I can't bear to toss a part or tool that I MAY use in the future...hey...You never know, right? I know, the first part of solving my problem is admitting I even have one. I don't believe I'm there yet. So many times the so-called junk drawer has come to my rescue (and others too!) with an odd or end that repaired some emergency or annoying problem. It's almost as if the universe is conspiring to make sure, most of the time, you find what you need in that magic drawer. Naaaahh! That's crazy. Isn't it?

For the time being, I believe I will keep tossing random stuff in there and see what happens.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"