Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Even The Simple Things - Cutting Grease And Oil While Cleaning Your RV...Or YOU!

Clean-up Time
     As I have said MANY times in the past, I hate cleaning. Of course, everything I LIKE doing usually ends in a clean-up. Cooking, working on my RV's mechanical bits, modifying my RV's house systems...well, you get the idea. Pretty much anything fun is going to require some kind of cleanup afterwards. (If it's fun, it's probably illegal, immoral or, at the very least, fattening!)

I have tried many cleaners for all sorts of jobs. Some work great on one thing but not another. Some will damage certain surfaces, some are just hard to use. Whenever I get my hands dirty I always end up going back to the basics -- Dawn dishwashing liquid. I's a "name" brand, but when I can buy small containers at a dollar store for...umm.. a dollar, that's OK. This stuff cuts through grease and oil, better than anything else I have tried that doesn't strip paint and irritate skin as well.

Now I am not going to wax poetic about the product. It works, 'nuff said. But I am always astounded by how many things I can use it on. Need to wash your RV? Get all the waxy buildup off? Mix some into your wash pail. Just remember to re-wax afterwards! Well, unless you use an acrylic floor finish instead, I do! Need to wash some dishes without filling up the sink? Put some in a spray bottle mixed with water. Spray the dishes, utensils, etc., and then wipe and rinse. Works great, saves water! Now that's a bonus. How about greasy, engine grime soaked hands? Use it straight up...add a tiny bit of water and scrub off the dissolving dirt.

So many things can be many things cleaned. It's a true RV multi-tasker. (You're Soaking in it! For my older friends.)

Of course, it will NOT work on everything. You can only play with the concentration so much. It's a gentle cleanser after all. No abrasives in it at all. That's part of its charm. if I need abrasives I'll use a powdered cleanser. I did that a few times to get greasy engine dirt off my hands and while it worked, I definitely took some skin with it! Just about the only thing you can't use it for is drinking! Yes, that's a joke. It would be bad if you tried. If you feel you must wash out someone's mouth with soap, might I suggest Ivory as an alternative!? What else? Works great on RV plastics too!

Try it....I always have a couple of bottles around for whatever I need to clean. It works. So many things these days just...don't. Nice that some do.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. mix dawn & white vinegar 50/50...makes a great shower cleaner

    1. Michael,
      An Excellent idea!


      Rich "The Wanderman"

    2. And if you add a few drops of dishwasher anti-spot (rinse) to the the white vinegar and dawn, you get great sheeting action in the shower.

    3. We have a spray bottle of 1 oz Dawn to 7 oz water by every sink. Good for hands, glasses, meat residue on plates....

    4. Tug boat operators buy Dawn by the case and squirt it liberally in the bilge to keep oil and grease build up.

      I used it for that and general clean up on all my Florida Marine Patrol boats.

      And I buy nothing else for at home. In the kitchen I use a 10% solution in a spray bottle to wash dishes. It cuts down on water usage.

      Love all of your articles, thanks.

  2. Michael. Does your concoction require any water? 50/50 seems "potent", that's all.

  3. Thanks R.W,sometimes we overlook simple!

  4. For BLACK greasy hands - try Joe's hand cleaner. Very effective and gentle (contains lanolin)


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