Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gray Days, Winter Looms - Now What?

Sad, Huh?
    To be an RV'er in the Northeast when it's Winter is a real bummer. Some of you reading this get to laugh at my predicament, but others share my pain. Last night, we got a small-ish 6-inch accumulation of snow. My RV, which of course I haven't gotten around to covering yet, was completely covered in snow. Sad, very sad. Thankfully, as I sit and write this, the snow is almost completely melted and gone. More is forecast, of course, but for now, all is good. Been 26 degrees overnight the last few nights without any respite in sight. I can only dream of my first spring trip. Over the last few years, I have written quite a few articles about RV's and winter blues. There was even the one where I lived in my comfortable heated RV for a bit during a fierce storm. Mostly, I plan during the winter.

Even Sadder, Huh?
Whether it's modifications or improvement projects or just researching cool places to go...there is always something I can do to keep me in the "RV mood." My window shows me a great view of my parked RV. I find myself staring at it sometimes, wondering what the next season will bring. It's always a bit depressing to see it covered in snow, through that same window. At least I had it covered that time (unlike last week!). Lots of folks have differing opinions on covering their RVs. I Like to cover it when the weather gets really nasty to keep the snow and ice from getting on the roof. I'll get over it! I've had some of my best ideas staring out that window at the RV.

So now what? Let the weather get you down or get positive and plan for further adventures. I will go with the latter. Heck, I'll do one better. I'll ask you, the reader, to make suggestions for projects, improvements, repairs, new gadgets and gizmos and trip planning. If you want to try it...but want someone else to look at it first or figure out how to make it happen, all you need to do is ask! Yes, that's down your favorite ideas for projects (all seasons, winter, spring, summer or fall) and send them to me via the comments below. I'll get right on them and we'll see what develops.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road...

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. Hi Rich, My wife & I are upgrading to a bigger travel trailer. Hope to pick up in March. We hope to travel from Boston south, staying east of the Mississippii, within the month of April then returning. We would love to make a loop from Boston to central Florida and back to Boston. Any ideas how to plan this trip, areas to stay or visit, and time frames? What is your opinion? We have never planned or done any long term trip like this.
    Thank-you and appreciate any help you may offer Ken

    1. Ken,
      Ho there. Sounds like a great trip. Trip planning for something like that will entail many choices. i would begin by deciding if you'd like to take major highways (87/95) or stick to the secondary or even local roads. Depending on the length of your rig and the experience of the driver(s) you may be better of staying on the highways from one campsite to another.

      You'll also need to decide what you'd like to see and do along the way and find camping close by. Years ago, AAA used to provide trip info by way of a product called a "trp-tik" it had interesting points along the way filled in for you. Nowadays, you can simply plan the route using google or mapquest and look along the way for points of interest. I spend many hours planning routes that take me to cool spots without too much hassle on google. AND you can see the satellite view of the locations as well!

      Give it a try,

      Rich "The Wanderman"

  2. Hi Rich! I always enjoy reading your words of wisdom. You've unknowingly helped me make decisions about purchases I was considering, or mods I was thinking about, or all the other things I didn't know I needed to know! For the past 3 years I've been living full-time -- very willingly -- in my 1988 17-foot Bigfoot travel trailer. It's been in my family since new, and it's in pristine shape. My need for advice or suggestions or radical thinking has to do with the toilet. I've done a lot of research on composting toilets, and I'm seriously considering replacing the original RV toilet with one. I can't afford a $900 Nature's Head, and I have no problem with an esthetically pleasing 5-gallon bucket and seat. If properly maintained, odor is not a problem. So, my question is, what do I do after I remove the toilet? Obviously, the resulting hole has to be sealed, but that's about all I know on that subject. Any advice? (Just call me "She Who Is Tired of Dumping the Black Tank Every 6 Days.")

    1. Lyn,
      I looked at composting toilets quite a bit before I gave up on that idea. It's a green idea, but not really all that serviceable in the mobile RV scenario. I also looked at the "INCINOLET" brand which reduces waste to ash that is cleaned out every so often, but they are VERY expensive. The bucket idea is great in theory, but I wouldn't want to empty it periodically nor fill it with water. Also, kind of negates the convenience of the RV bathroom.

      How about using the conventional black tank setup as-is, but dumping into a composting system? You'd have to figure in the additional water content, but that may work. Better if you used a macerator as well.

      Good luck with your project!

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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