Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Joys Of Plastic Locking Tubs - More Organized RV Storage

    While I don't have much storage space on-board my RV, I make the most of what I have. At first, I just crammed as much as I could into each storage bay, cabinet or area. It became very obvious that that wouldn't work at all. The stuff shifted and moved while underway and I ended up with a tangled mess each time I stopped and needed something. A while back, I discovered plastic tubs. They come in all sizes and colors, with and without locking lids. Some of them have the lids permanently affixed and they simply fold open to access the contents. What could be better?

Sort Of Organized
Many of them have lids that lock down from the handles and they are very resistant to water ingress from the top. They are NOT completely water-tight, mind you, but do a great job keeping things dry. If water gets in, it's best to drain immediately and then dry the contents if you can. Simply measure your available space and find a bin or container that will fit the space. I've done pretty well sourcing them in various sizes from local Big Box stores and the odd, Wal-Mart. Sometimes you have a really odd size and they don't have what you are looking for. Online shopping can be your best friend in these instances. Put in your measurements and something should reveal itself. Just make sure to double-check the measurements of the item to what you actually need, as searches often turn up results far outside your scope.

Perfect Fit!
I lucked out filling many of the odd small spaces in my RV with various plastic bins. It added quite a bit of "miscellaneous" storage to my otherwise "storage- challenged" RV. There was a small spot next to a barrel chair and behind the step that houses my main 12 Volt electrical system (everything but the converter, inverter and solar charge controller.) It was a relatively large space, but anything left there just rolled around and ended up someplace else in the RV, usually on the floor by the bathroom door. I managed to find a bin with attached covers that fit perfectly. So well, I didn't need anything (Velcro?) to hold it down to the carpet. It's been there for years now, never moved. Best of all, it's not in the way!

All in all, organized storage is your best friend in an RV. You can find stuff when you need it (think labels!) and you can keep like stuff together. I divided things up into sections such as electrical, tools, spare parts, cords, tape & repair, TV stuff, etc. So far, works great. I really ought to put a label on the outside of each bin showing what's inside...but that's a project for another day!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. We have some great storage in our RV and use plastic bins for much of it. I'm an organizer and my husband is a 'lay it down for now' person. The system only works well when both people remember to return the item to the bin or drawer, even if they are labeled! I'm still working on my husband!!!

    1. Anon,
      I love the tubs and bins concept. With proper training..your husband will come 'round. Especially, when he is looking for something and actually FINDS it in a reasonable time.

      Rich "The Wanderman"

    2. Ten year's ago we became time RVer's. Since we traveled during season changes we had to have clothing for the change. I would label our bins by the season changes for out choles . Also I am big on decorating for holidays and season once again the bins came into play.

    3. Unknown,
      Great idea! Rotate bins for different seasons and re-use. Less bins, great storage!

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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