Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weird Spaces, Odd Places - Finding A Use For Every Storage Nook And Cranny

Looking Toward The Back
    I'll say it again, "My RV is small, real small." I have no problem adapting to the living space. It serves my needs admirably. After all the research into what RV to buy, it should be exactly what I wanted! My only complaint after  5 years of ownership? Not enough storage space. This is a lament any RV'er, no matter the size of their rig, can identify with. It really doesn't help that I am a bit of a pack-rat. So far, I've done pretty well downsizing items and paring down what I carry with me. At this point I have run out of actual, bona-fide storage places and have been getting more and more creative when stashing stuff. In every RV there are many unused spaces that can become storage. Finding them is the trick.

The Tiny Cubby
Let's look at a simple example of unused, usually wasted space. Under my Lavatory sink is a cabinet, inside that is the hot water heater. Above the heater is a shelf that spans the full width of the cabinet itself. The problem? There is a water pipe that goes THROUGH the shelf, right in the middle. I could remove the pipe, replace it with a flexible one and re-route it...but it's not leaking! Why mess with something that isn't broke? Knowing me, it would leak the minute I finished the replacement. So what to do? Get creative! I found a small plastic mesh bin (3 for $1) at a dollar store and cut out a notch! It's not big storage, but now I can store a few bars of soap where they are needed. Not only that, since it spanned most of the pipe, and they stack nicely, I have a whole plastic basket to fill as well!. Bonus Result!

What other spaces lurk in seemingly impossible spaces within your RV. In my Wardrobe converted to Pantry closet is a drawer, under that, lying within the dark recesses of that space, is a 45 degree angled piece of wood that supports the structure. A great place to stash valuables when you aren't in the RV. Of course, cover it with a scrap piece of wood or paneling on a hinge and you have a hidey-hole. Not likely a burglar would take the time to look there!

When I converted my old style 13" CRT TV to an LCD Monitor there was a HUGE amount of wasted and unused space behind the new TV. I am still working on some kind of hinge-and-latch affair that will allow easy access, but it is essentially the same size as 2 of my overhead cabinets combined!

Look around, closely. I'll wager you can find any number of spaces that can be converted to some additional storage. RV'ing is always a trade-off. Face it, most of us have a lot of "stuff." If you've ever heard the late comedian George Carlin's riff on STUFF, you know it is highly likely he traveled in an RV (or at the very least a VW van!). As your available space decreases, you have to winnow down your stuff. It's tough (believe me, I know!) but a necessary trade-off for traveling in style and comfort.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. Our TT has a ton of places to store things. Only problem is we only have 535 pounds of available carrying weight IF we have a full fresh water tank(we boondock). With little water on board we gain an extra 300 pounds but 835 pounds of cargo isn't a whole lot.

    1. Anon,
      VERY TRUE! Often the gross weight figures of RVs leave precious few pounds to tote along your stuff! Check the weights before you pack the kitchen sink!!

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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