Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Even The Simple Things - A Better Self Closing Mesh Screen Soft Door

NOT Current. It's Still Covered In SNOW!
    A few years ago, when I first bought my RV, I was very surprised it didn't come equipped with a screen door. Most RV's I had been looking at had the typical dual door setup. The main exterior door and an inner framed screen door. Well, mine didn't. I really wanted one. It's great to be able to leave the main door open and have some cross ventilation and not be completely closed in. Especially when cooking inside with friends outside. Yes, I know, I have a kitchen/galley window that opens...but it's just not the same. Back then , I found a mesh screen door that rolled/folded up into a tiny package and was easy to velcro to the carpet that's on the walls all around my door (and on the ceiling.) It worked OK, but I had to re-velcro it each time I went in or out. Not all that bad, but with plates of food in each could be a problem. Then I stumbled upon a new kind of soft mesh door. With Magnets! Read on.

This essentially attached the same way the one I had before did. It used velcro to secure the edges around the outside of the door opening, but was split in the middle with strong magnets placed every 12 inches or so on each side. The idea was you pushed through the magnets to exit and they would re-close the screen after you passed through. Sure you lose a tiny bit of see through visibility since it has a seam in the middle, but it appeared to be a MUCH more convenient closing method. Or is it? Seems like it could be a much better solution.

The real question is, "When installed in the RV door frame, will it actually close completely and tightly keeping insects and debris out?"

Excellent question! (If I do say so myself!) I can only answer....I don't know. I tested the opening and closing on the floor and in a house sized inside doorway. They do work. The magnets are strong and do pull the two sides of the screen together. Sometimes it's a little bit off kilter. As soon as I can open my RV door, I will be testing it there. I am truly hoping this works well. The one I have now often leaves large gaps on the sides as you go in and out.

Yet another project I'd really like to do NOW, that is slowed down by the pace of the weather. I am beginning to sound like a broken record....there are so many RV items by the door, they're beginning to block access! I know, think positive thoughts we are almost to the Spring...wait...according to my calendar it IS Spring. What a rip-off.....there's still snow on the ground.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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