Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Light Weight CHAIRS That Take Up Very Little Space

    Even something as simple as a chair can cause a lot of aggravation in the RV world. While it's always nice to have a comfy chair to relax in, it isn't always practical to lug one around. Sure, you could always retreat inside your RV and relax on a chair or the couch, but one of the amazing things about RV travel is the beautiful locations you end up at. Having the ability to sit outside and enjoy the vista is a given. In order to really enjoy the outside you'll need something to sit on that's comfortable, portable, durable and doesn't take up too much space when stored. Short of lugging an old La-Z-Boy out of your basement storage, which wouldn't REALLY be practical you'll need a folding and pack-able alternative. Thankfully, there is a booming business in just that kind of product! What makes a good one? Read on!
First, figure out where you will be storing your chair(s) when they are not in use. For me, they usually sit on the floor in front of the bathroom door while I am underway and then live in the passenger footwell when we're camping. Until they are needed, that is! As usual, I did a lot of research before I plunked down hard earned cash for a folding chair. I wanted one that would be comfortable AND would last a long time. Of course it had to fit my limited storage space as well. I settled on a collapsible version that fit in a bag with a shoulder strap.
There were MANY of this style available in lots of different materials and price points, After some research into outdoor rated cloth, The one I chose is made from a heavy man-made canvas fabric with metal grommets at all attachment/folding points. It has 4 Plastic "feet" with small ridges to hold itself in place when unfolded. It's about 36" in length and weighs around 3.75 lbs. It fits into the included travel bag without too much struggling and the bag itself has a adjustable cinch cord to hold it closed. The shoulder strap is heavy and double sewed. It appears that it will take a beating and stay attached for a long time.

The true test of any chair is....comfort! Sure, it folds up nicely, isn't too heavy and appears quite durable. But if no one sits on it....because it's literally a pain in the....well you know. No one will use it. I'm happy to report this chair is comfortable. MUCH more comfortable than I thought it would be. It will never be mistaken for a La-Z-Boy, however after sitting in it for a few hours I can say I didn't feel like I had been tortured in any way. If I HAD to find a flaw, I would say it can be a bit difficult to fold it tight enough to repack into it's bag. Not impossible, once you figure out how to fold it right!
If you like sitting (I know I do!) having a couple of these chairs is a great addition to your outdoor gear. Since they take up such a small space....why not get more than one. I found these on sale for under $20 dollars so they're not too expensive and go great with my folding table!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

Editor's note: There are several comfortable camping chairs available from, as well as the highly-regarded Strongback Chair, available from its manufacturer.

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