Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sometimes Even The Smallest Things Can Be Incredibly Useful!

Home Sweet Home
    Yesterday I was browsing through, yet another, liquidator shop nearby. Hey, it's cold and nasty up here in the Northeast and at 0 degrees, working on the RV is tough, not to mention uncomfortable! So I have to do something. The easiest thing to do is search through these types of shops for useful items for the RV (and sometimes every place else, too!) This time I discovered a little gem. It's one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" items. A tape measure with a built-in sticky notepad and small pen. You can measure something and write down the numbers all in one go. Great for me....I forget those kinds of things as soon as I take the measurement. This little gizmo prevents that memory lapse. For 99 Cents! (No brand name on it.)

All Fits Together Compactly.
While it's only a 6-foot tape length, that's plenty for almost any job I would tackle myself. When I break out the 25 footer or even the 50 footer, it's usually a job for more than one person. Usually they get a pad and writing implement with which to take down my measurements. That's a great way to furnish yourself with "artificial memory." When you pull out this tape, it stays at the length you've left it at. Most tapes I have require you to press in a button or lever to keep it extended. This one works the opposite, you press in on the button to retract it so it's very easy to use by yourself.

Tiny Pen, Still Usable!
Before you extend it, you open a small, clear plastic door that gives you access to the little pen and the sticky note pad. Both are replaceable. I am not sure, but I believe a tiny pencil could be used as well. Once extended to the length you desire, take the measurement and write it down. It even has a built-in level! Great for hanging pictures and shelves (as long as your RV is level in the first place!). I removed the sticker that told me it included a notepad and pen....this way when you go back to use the measurements you've taken, it's easy to see them through the "window." Once you have all your measurements done, close it all up and put it in a drawer. It's not much bigger than a couple of matchboxes.

I truly love little labor-saving/aggravation reducing gizmos like this. If I can save some steps (or some re-steps because I've forgotten the numbers), it's a great thing. Work smarter, not harder. A good motto to live by. A great one if you love RVing!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. Looks like it also includes a level? Pretty cool!

    1. Kamwick,
      I Know! Incredibly useful little gadget. I swapped out my small tape measure (in the "junk" drawer with this one. Same space more tasks!

      Rich "The Wanderman"

  2. I get/give these out as a promotional item for my Realtor Safety training business...about 25 cents in bulk.


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