Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What To Do When A Longer Trip "Sneaks" Up On You

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    I love to travel. I love to travel in my RV. Especially spontaneous trips whenever I can string a couple (or more) days together. Most of the time the RV is already stocked, fueled and checked. Everything is already on board the RV, ready to go. Well, if the trip is going to be more than 3 days, there are a few more items I will need. Not to mention a bunch of extra trip planning to make sure I get where I am going AND get back within the time I have. I wish I wasn't in such a hurry and could take as many days as I wanted to meander through our great country, Alas, that is not to be...yet! One day (maybe) I will retire and wander the highways and byways of this great land. Until are a bunch of tips to be able to pull off a longer RV trip without too much trouble in the time you have to spare.

First...figure out where you are going. Sounds pretty obvious, but if you, like me, don't really plan the destinations's a game changer. Once you know where you are headed..figure out how long it will take to get there comfortably. Marathon drives don't a vacation make! I like to max out at about 6 hours per day. Maybe a bit more, sometimes a bit less. If you cruise at around 60 MPH, that's roughly 360 Miles per day of travel. Usually, I go a bit further especially if it's at night. I much prefer to travel at night...less traffic, cooler temperatures and I get into a "groove." The miles seem to pass effortlessly under the RV.

Next, figure out approximately where you will stop (this could be a few places along the route, just to be safe). If I am continuing on to a specific destination, usually a place to sleep and a place to maybe buy or make breakfast is sufficient. I like Cracker Barrels for this. They let you stay overnight most places AND have a great breakfast. (Don't get me started on the gift shop! Old fashioned candy...Yay!) You could just as easily stay in a Wal-Mart (if permitted) or a campground. I don't like to pay if I am just sleeping for a few hours. But hey, that's just me. Sometimes I get lucky and locate a boondocking site (or a friend with a driveway) along the way. It's rare, but do-able.

Leave yourself enough time to enjoy the destination. A least a couple of full days before you hit the road again. Relax when you get there! Don't forget this's important! Just as important is leaving enough time to return without rushing. I usually add an hour extra (at least) for the return trip just so I am not pushing myself. Another stop on the way back to recharge MY batteries and a leisurely finish up on the last trip day takes care of the distance. Maybe one day I can just "light out for parts unknown" and forget about the time. I've seen RV clocks that are marked in DAYS rather than hours. I like that idea.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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