Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Friends With Driveways - Great Trips!!

    I really dislike staying in crowded campgrounds. I much prefer finding a great spot in the middle of nowhere (or close to it!) and camping. Near water is always a bonus! Quiet, beautiful scenery and relaxation friendly activities. That's the ticket. While that's my preference when I am on a "bounce trip," when I have a few more days I like to visit with friends. Especially ones I miss. Spending time with the friends that have moved away. It's really a "win-win" situation. An RV can make you the perfect house-guest. No, really. Read on!

A Friend's Driveway.
If your friends have a driveway, field or other space large enough for your particular RV, then you are good to go for a visit. With their permission of course...well you should have that, they ARE your friends aren't they? Essentially, you are bringing your own hotel with you. I usually bring lots of food to cook for 1 or more know, being "neighborly." If you get really lucky, they will have a convenient outlet to plug into. Be aware that the circuit you would be plugging into could be (and probably is) limited to 15 Amps at 120V. So don't overload it!  Blowing fuses and/or tripping breakers isn't all that friendly. Especially if you have to wake up your friends in the middle of the night to reset it! (DON'T ASK!)

Driveway Surfing
It's really great to visit folks this way. You get to spend time with people whose company you enjoy, eat good food, drink great beverages, have great conversations and generally have a good time. When the night (or early morning) arrives and everyone wants some sleep, you can retreat back to your own private "apartment" for the night. No disruption to your friend's routines or extra work for them setting up accommodations. Add to that simple fact you don't have to pack and unpack from a plane/train/car ride nor be limited to 22" carry-on luggage. Sure there could be a multi-hour or even multi-day drive, but that's half the fun! Split the road portion up into 2 or more days and you can make the trip much less taxing on the driver. An extra bonus.

The last time I did this, before the Winter shut down my traveling for the season was a trip to Tennessee to visit with some friends I really miss having close by. His only regret after the move from New York? In the small town that he now lives it's impossible to buy good Italian pastries. Specifically, Pignoli cookies. was VERY easy to bring 6 pounds along with me. Imported all the way from New York. It put a very big smile on his face and made me happy as well. The best thing? I get to see my friends more often, no matter where they are.....

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,
Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. We have stayed in our friend's driveway in Iowa a couple of times. Once with our RV, and several times in our tents when the kids were traveling with us. We also use our RV as a guest house when friends visit or the kids who live far away come for a visit. When our daughter lived a couple hours away from us on a big farm in Indiana we would take our camper and hook up to water and electric at the barn. The grandkids would spend the night with us. Also when we visit our son in TX, we take him a case of Skyline Chili from Ohio. We visit 2 or more times a year, so I buy the chili in cans using coupons and stock up. They are building a new house and it is in the plans to have a special place for our camper with hookups, so we can stay in their driveway. I can't wait. Next winter we will be in TX.

    1. Wow! You have great friends! Besides, I love chili...mmmm..

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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