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Best And Neatest BBQ Sauce Application Device

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    I have been applying BBQ sauce the wrong way for years! No kidding. I love the flavor BBQ sauce adds and the awesome crispy goodness, but I always make such a mess with a mop or brush that I had all but given up on it when cooking on the road. As everyone already knows, I HATE CLEANING! So BBQ sauce, especially dried on, was especially a pain in the...well you know. Until now! I found these little beauties at a closeout shop and they worked so well I went online to find more! It's not that often that I rave about a kitchen gizmo, but this one deserves some space on-board. Behold, the Silicone Screw-on BBQ Sauce Applicator!

OK, so that's a lot of exclamation points for a really simple and inexpensive gadget. I know. But when something this simple works so well, it's easy to get excited. Now I have tried bottle-based basting brushes before -- they had thin plastic bristles and worked fine, but cleaning the sauce off of them was almost impossible. There was always some leftover sauce deep at the base of the bristles. Wasted too much water to bother with. This thing has thick silicone bristles that are easy to clean and apply the sauce evenly and easily. It's actually a very simple gadget. Open a bottle of your favorite sauce (or add your own sauce to a like-sized bottle), screw on the brush, invert the bottle, give a little squeeze and the sauce comes out a large hole in the center of the brush, "paint" on your sauce. That's it.

Flip over the bottle to get the sauce back to the bottom and use the remaining sauce on the bristles to finish up. Waste not, want not! When done, simply flip the bottle back over and unscrew the brush. Don't forget to put the cap back on the bottle (Don't Ask!) and rinse the brush clean. No muss, no fuss and uses surprisingly little water to clean. What else could you want in a BBQ sauce applicator?

You can also use it on Salad Dressings to apply to chicken or whatever. If it will screw on the bottle, it will work. Just be careful if the stuff you are applying is very thin liquid as it will just pour out! And that would just make a helluva mess. Not good at all.

The whole contraption weighs about an ounce and isn't fragile at all, so storage is pretty easy. Make sure it's clean or critters will actually eat the bristles right off the brush. Do mice actually like the taste of silicone? I mean the red ones kind of look like strawberry licorice.

Now I can baste and sauce whatever I like inside or outside on the grill while traveling. I am beginning to experiment with different brands and my own concoctions. If I hit on a good one, I'll share it with you all...maybe!

Be Seeing You...Down the Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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  1. We got a couple of these things a few years ago and I used them every time I BBQ. They spread the sauce evenly and keep you for wasting sauce to the fire. If you love BBQ I recommend them.

  2. Do you worry about backwash contamination??? I'm thinking after basting a chicken, you return it upright and the sauce that was on a raw chicken now trickles back to the bottle, no??? At the table, you add more sauce and get some of that raw juice that bypassed cooking...

    1. Exactly. Just asking for a food borne illness.

    2. Guys,
      The sauce is so thick, and the way the unit is constructed, it would be VERY difficult for anything to get back down into the bottle.

      I've been using this for a while now and haven't gotten sick. If you are concerned, perhaps parboil the chicken before grilling?

      Rich "The Wanderman"

    3. I did ask IF you worry... Lol.

      Salmonella and Trichinosis are lower risks than they used to be, but I could see the suction of a squeeze bottle pulling ick into the bottle.

      I DO use a silicone brush from a separate bowl of sauce...use it up and rinse the brush. I well know the futility of seeking zero risk, but don't see an advantage in adding any here.

  3. I really think that Darrrel has a great point. That applies to all RAW meat, I will stick to my paint brush for basting, besides a bit of BBQ sauce in the fire add some smokey flavor!


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