Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Fine Art Of Procrastination - Now In RV Flavor!

Pre-Winter Cleaning
    I have so many projects that I want to accomplish. Of course, I have so many projects that I HAVE TO accomplish, the wants get overridden by the needs. I have the feeling that I am not the only one. Most RVers understand that you have a house that travels down the road at highway speeds and lots of things shake, rattle and roll. Invariably, stuff breaks and has to be repaired. Usually right away, since you need that particular thing to work. Like the lights or the bathroom or the understand. I know you do! This year, it's going to be different. Now that my RV is winterized, but the weather is still pretty decent (Yes, weathermen/women have NO idea what the weather will be!), I have some time to get to some of the projects I have been putting off. Well, at least that's my good intention anyway.

HID Headlight Kit
As we all know...the road to...hell is paved with good intentions. But I AM going to try and get some of these tasks completed before Old Man Winter puts a damper on any outdoor work. I've had several projects lined up that I just haven't gotten around to. You see, life seems to keep encroaching on my, so called, free time. I've had an HID headlight replacement scheduled since last year! And a remote key-fob controlled porch light retrofit for even longer. And those are the easy ones! Maybe I am beginning to understand this whole retirement thing. When you retire you get lots of time back? Well, it seems all my retired friends work more now than they did when they weren't retired! Does it ever become easier to get things done in a reasonable amount of time?

Winter, It's Coming!
I know, that's likely a rhetorical question. But it's sure nice to dream about! I'll wager that I am not the only one who has procrastination issues. "Why put off today what you can put off tomorrow?" I like to tinker and work on various just seems that lately I have had less and less "tinkering" time to play with. Now that winter is coming...I begin to think about all the projects that DIDN'T get done. I wish I had a really big and tall heated garage, so I could park my RV inside...never winterize and get to work all winter long regardless of the weather. But I don't...yet!

Who knows what could happen in the future...Maybe I could move where it's warmer year round? Naaaahhh, then I would just put off more projects so I could travel more! That's the ticket!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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