Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Even The Simple Things - Adjustable Measuring Spoon

My Tiny Utensil Storage Drawer
    I enjoy cooking when RV travelling. In fact, I try and cook new recipes and sometimes pretty complex stuff on the road. It's fun...and therapeutic! The main issue is all the tools you need to complete the task. Until now, I had 2 sets of measuring spoons and several measuring cups in several sizes. Lots of space used. I don't have lots of space. Therein lies the problem. I have only a single utensil drawer in my galley and it was full. On a shopping trip to a local big box store, I found a new version of the multi-measure spoon. The last few times I tried these, they only worked on dry ingredients or very thick ones. Liquids didn't work. Until now!

Under 2 Dollars!
This new version uses a silicone seal/scraper to close off the unused portion of the measuring spoon. This way, when you set it for 2 Tablespoons, you only get Two Tablespoons! The old ones I tried just leaked the liquid under the adjuster and I ended up with too much....all the time. That's really not good when a recipe calls for a specific amount of an ingredient. This one adjusts from 1 Teaspoon all the way up to 4 Tablespoons. That's a 1/4 Cup. That's more than enough for most of the recipes I make. If I need larger I can use one of the new measuring cylinders I found or a measuring cup. Or...if I really don't want to clean more than one thing, just use the adjustable one multiple times (4 x 4 Tbsp. (1/4 cup= 1 cup.)

See The Silicone Scraper
Any semi-soft solid, like butter or peanut putter is always a pain to get out of a typical measuring spoon. With this, you just push the adjuster forward and it "ejects" it into the bowl. Result! You can even do that with one hand. Great if you are mixing something into a recipe. This little gizmo was under 2 Dollars ($1.49 to be exact) If I had known how well it would work, I would have bought two of them! Ah well, maybe if I go back to the store next week they will have some extras in the bin. In my experience those who hesitate are lost. Or Murphy was an Optimist. What does that mean? It means I won't find any more when I go back. Of course.

It's always nice when something just works the way it should. It's rare...but it shouldn't be. A simple design is always the toughest to come up with. Just ask Rube Goldberg!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if you mentioned the big box store you got this from? I know it would sound like a commercial for that store but there are many big box stores out there now.

    1. Penny,
      I would love to tell everyone about each store...but that's an ad...I like to stay unbiased. This particular one was found at Wally World.


      Rich "The Wanderman"


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