Thursday, September 12, 2013

Even The Simple Things - Drawer Organizers And More!

Clutter = BAD!

    I admit it. I'm a mess. No not emotionally! I just have to make a concerted effort to stay organized. If not, things begin to get lost and cluttered and... well all the things that make finding items in your RV a real P.I.T.A. 

In the very telling photo to the left (if it's not on the left blame crazy internet formatting!) you can see how the smallest of my storage areas get cluttered with all sorts of odds and ends. To make sure that DOESN'T happen everywhere I decided early on to use drawer organizers and plastic storage boxes. So good. How long it will last, I have NO idea!

The simplest place to start will always be the utensil drawer. There are any number of organizers available for this one. Many are adjustable to fit various sized items. Mine isn't. In fact it's built in to the cabinet like a drawer. I open the cabinet drawer, which happens to be where my furnace lives, and slide out the utensil drawer. It has four compartments. Three of them are shorter and are great for forks, spoons and knives, the other is for longer serving utensils and cooking knives. As you can see, I have some odds and ends here as well. Yes, I'm incorrigible and a bit of a pack rat as well!

Under the microwave/convection oven is a large drawer. I use it for many things. Originally I stored pots and pans here, but they simply took up too much room in the drawer and made it difficult to get other things in and out. It was a real pain to take all of them out just to get to a coffee mug or a camping style toaster. Ultimately, I moved them up to the over-the-stove cabinet and put cutting boards, the aforementioned toaster, a frying pan splatter shield, and a bunch of wooden spoons in here. They live with some glass mugs that are wrapped in some soft 8"x 8" towels to stop them from rattling.

Below this drawer is a fold down door that could have been a drawer, but isn't (???) It's a great place for heavier cooking implements. I store my induction cooktop in here as well as some bulkier kitchen items. Like the folding dish drying rack and electric salad shooter. Believe it or not, there is actually some free space here!

Maybe one day I'll change it into a drawer, or build in a mini slide-out to make getting items easier. Right now I'll just get down on my side and dig around. Thankfully the aisle is right in front of the storage space.

Above the double sink and the stove are my main kitchen cabinets. They may LOOK cluttered, and well, they are. But I have a system and can find just about anything I need. I've used extra refrigerator shelf rods to stop the items from rattling or shifting around in the closet whilst underway. Works great!

You can see the white towels on the left side of the photo, those are tucked around my Corian squarish plates and bowls. So far, I have never had anything shatter. Of course, now having said that, it's just a matter of time!

With a little bit of effort, and some cleverly designed accessories, you can keep your home on wheels relatively organized. If i can do it, being severely organizationally challenged, so can you! In all seriousness, it makes life easier when everything is easy to find and close at hand.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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