Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Even The Simple Things - Ice Cube Trays

My Fridge/Freezer
    I like ice. I like ice in my drinks. Not usually alcoholic...but you never know. Like most everyone, I was using traditional plastic ice cube trays in my RV freezer. They worked, but I was getting cloudy ice and had to wait a long time once I arrived to actually pull out the first batch of cubes.  In this article, another in the semi-regular series, "Even The Simple Things" we'll get to the bottom of the ice cube tray. So to speak.

While on the move there isn't an easy way to make ice cubes without  spilling water all over my freezer. or at least I thought there wasn't!

Enter the close-able ice cube tray! A real boon for the cold drink set! There was even a bonus! I am getting crystal clear ice upon arrival as well! It's the simple things in life, you know?
Lid Secured, Ready To Fill
Overall Lid Off
How's it work? Well I located some ice cube trays that have a removable cover and a "snap-up" lid to fill with water. They were really inexpensive and seemed like a good idea. I figured they would leak a bit, but I could put some paper towels in the fridge to catch and stray water that seeped out.

The thing is? They didn't leak at all! Still don't even when jostled around quite a bit in the freezer. Simple to use and great ice cubes. Yay! Simply snap on the overall lid until it's closed all the way around. Open the lid on it's hinge and fill with water. About 2 cups or so (1/2 liter). Put in the freezer. I have 2 of them, one on top of the other. they "nest quite snugly. I then placed a couple of small water bottles on either side to stop really bad smashing around in the freezer. I use the bottles to cool down the outdoor coolers anyway so it's "win-win."
Ice Cube Storage
Once you arrive and need or want some ice cubes, just open up the overall lid and pop them out. A simple twist will cause them to eject easily. Much easier than the ones I have at home. I keep a small rectangular plastic container in the fridge to dump the already made cubes into. Once I dump both trays I refill them with water and put them back. This way I always have a ready supply when I'm on the road. Some folks have RV fridge/freezers that have ice makers in them. Pretty cool! I have heard about a lot of extra maintenance and problems with them. I like simple solutions. Well Mostly.

**I believe the ice stays clear because of the constant vibration. I could be wrong....but it seems like that could be it!

I've seen versions of an ice cube tray that you fill from one end and there is a screw top. Seems that would make it hard to get the ice out and find a place for more than one in the freezer. YMMV!

Be Seeing You, Down The Road...

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. Here is another handy tip for "ready" ice. Go to Amazon dot com and search for "disposable ice cube bag", I discovered these in England and when I got home found them here in the states. Fill them with water and tie the end to seal and toss in the freezer. I keep a couple on hand and if they melt they don't leak, they just re-freeze.

    Hope this helps,
    Chris - checkn6 at yahoo dot com

    1. Chris,
      Never saw those before! Very interesting. Only thing I would say is they look more...disposable.

      Rich "The Wanderman"

  2. Looks like a good idea for RV ice cube trays. But, have you read the reviews on Amazon? Hard to find even a 3 star review. I think I'll save my money.

    1. Mike,
      All I can say is that I have them, use them and they work. Reviews aside....nothing beats actual real world testing. I've had no leaks nor other problems.


      Rich "The Wanderman"

  3. Great idea! I had never seen these before your post. Can you say what brand these are that you are using? There are several different brands on Amazon and I can't quite tell which one looks like the one you have posted. Would love to know since they are working for you!

    1. Darla,
      Thanks! I bought these at Walmart. They have a rectangular lid that opens on a round filling hole. I do not see a brand name on the tray.

      Sorry....not much help I'm afraid.

      Rich "The Wanderman"

  4. Rich- the brand name is Chef Buddy , sold at WalMart


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