Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who is "The Wanderman"

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’ll be writing about a variety of RV topics, from adventures and misadventures to improvements and bleeding edge technology for our rigs we’ll explore it all. First, a bit of history; over the last 3 years I’ve purchased, restored and modified an "Orphan" Class A RV. Namely a 1991 Gardner Pacific Aero Cruiser 23RBa. There weren't all that many produced between 1989 and 1992 of this compact, low profile (23’8” length - 99” height) coach.

I’ll be sharing my trials and errors from these and the many more mods I have planned.

My goal is to find trips to offbeat destinations.
My last one was to an air show in Virginia where a friend and I supplied security overnight to several dozen WW2 planes and some vintage military jets.

Some of the latest changes to the RV included designing and having manufactured the 3mm thick semi-flexible Solar panels and all the associated hardware.

The system is functioning quite well and has allowed me to be electrically self sufficient indefinitely. Next is a solar hot water supplemental system to add  capacity and efficiency to the 6 Gallon Atwood DSI (with Hott rod modification.)

This past month I completely rebuilt and improved the stock suspension to allow for additional ground clearance and handling improvements.

Yes, it is a tinkerer's dream. Perhaps next I will look into an engine swap to newer technology to increase my already decent MPG. Who knows?!?

A bit of background, my name is Richard Miller and I have been RV'ing on and off for 15 years. I finally decided that it was time to spend more time on the road than at home in the stick built house. Unfortunately, I am not retired so this dream has morphed into having a way to escape at a moment’s notice any time I can string together a few days or more. I live in New York City three days a week and Upstate NY the balance, with trips to various locales spread out over the year. I keep the RV ready to go. No reservations, no plan….just go. So far it's working for me.

Varied interests make for an interesting life. I have been and for the most part still am active in film/TV producing, law enforcement and the commercial orbital space industry. I am a commercial helicopter and fixed wing pilot. I SCUBA dive. I enjoy tinkering with motorcycles, hovercraft and anything else I can get my hands on! I have been working with computers since they used punch cards. Yes, I still even use Unix (Telnet for e-mail!) My coach is setup to have mobile broadband, satellite TV and on the go digitally stored video content.

The best part?  It all works!

Be seeing you, “Down the Road.”

Rich “The Wanderman


  1. Its inspiring to read about your solar set up. Did you make the solar panels yourself from a kit? My next RV will have solar. I spent a year on the road in a 26 foot Coachman and will be getting back out there in the Spring.
    BruceRV Arlington MA

  2. Bruce,
    Check out the next posting(s) for a complete low down on the entire solar power setup.


  3. Richard, welcome its nice to have an EAST coast techno geek om board. I look forward to your blogs

  4. Wayne,
    I love the east coast, but it ends up costing $$$ with all the time I have to plan in the Winter!

    Rich "The Wanderman"

    BTW: Geek is a compliment!

  5. I am eagerly awaiting your explanation on how you did your solar hookup...I'm not a tech geek. Been Rving since 1973 with a Scotty TT. I believe all that have the RVing bug also have "white Line Fever". I've moved up to a 31' Southwind MH.

  6. Zoe,
    Congrats on your new RV!!! I got bit and it seems to be contagious!

    I'll be fully covering the wiring, including sizing, where to run them, how to get through walls and such as well as publishing the entire wiring diagram schematic for the project. That will show you how to make all the bits, pieces and devices play together nicely.


    Rich "The Wanderman"


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