Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Even The Simple Things - Keep Your Windows Fog Free!

Nice To Be Able To See Outside!
    I hate not being able to see out of my windshield and windows while underway. Well, even when I am camped! Recently, I was touring through my local Wal-Mart clearance aisle, as I am wont to do when I can't take my RV on a trip, and discovered the Rain-X 2-sided Defog Sponge. Wow, that's one long name for a pretty simple item. Driving when your windows are foggy can be dangerous, everyone knows that. I've noticed that the inside of my windshield had developed a thin film that distorts light, especially at night. I get a "halo" effect from things like street-lights and oncoming head lights. At first I believed my eyes were going. Well, at least until I treated the inside of the glass with this product.

It's pretty simple to use. The blue microfiber side can be used dry or with a light spray of clean water to remove the interior film and any dirt or fingerprints that are on the glass. Once they are gone and the glass is clean and DRY, use the yellow sponge side to apply the anti-fog coating. The chemical used is actually embedded in the sponge and does not require any water to be added. This is important!! When cleaning the glass don't over-saturate the blue side with too much water, it will make a mess. Use long. straight and light strokes to completely go over your windshield glass on the inside. The sponge will deform when you get to corners and the like so it should be able to get into every nook and cranny.

The Blue Side!
I then used the sponge on all my interior glass. One at a time, using the same technique that was used on the windshield. Once finished, I could see the difference in the clarity of my windows. If I get close to one and try to fog it with my breath it still gets foggy, but clears immediately. Will it work in humid weather? Seems like it will, but I will thoroughly test it when I can get into some hot, humid weather! Since the treatment is embedded in the sponge, there is no telling just how long it will last. It managed to do all my windows (and I have many large ones!) and still work. So for the $2.00 I paid...result! You could always use it as a plain cleaning sponge and microfiber cloth when the treatment chemical runs out. I also believe the company makes a spray-on defog product as well. This would be an ideal applicator.

Well, at least I know it's not time for glasses. My eyes still work. Well, they do when my windows are clean anyway!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"



  1. We have the Rain-X spray-on defog product and weren't at all pleased with it.

    1. Penny,
      I have never tried the spray on variety, bit this 2 sided sponge version worked quite well so far!

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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