Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get Into Those "Nooks & Crannies!" - A Cleaner With Fuzzy "Fingers."

    Well, it's here... the end of the season. While I may get a precious few more trips in before I have to winterize and cover my RV for the cold season, I usually use some of this cooler weather to finish the detailing of the inside. No matter how hard I try, or how often I dust... there's still accumulation of dirt and dust in the nooks & crannies of the RV. Usually a P.I.T.A. to get to, this little gadget will make you smile every time you need to reach a spot that seems utterly inaccessible! Well, here's a way to get to those places.

Seemed simple enough, a little pouch you put a finger or two in and use the fuzzy, dangly bits to get in there and clean. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical with the descriptions I was seeing on marketing materials attached to gadgets. Especially given last weeks' Bacon & Egg debacle.

However I was pleasantly surprised this time. A really inexpensive gizmo that takes up very little storage space, yet can clean a myriad of things!

What's not to like?

The reality here is that it actually works quite well. The little fuzzy fingers do get into spots you'd normally miss if you were using a paper towel or a regular duster. They are soft enough to deform around and get into little crevices in and around the RV interior. The main problem I have with this: it showed just how poorly I had been cleaning my RV. The amount of gunk and dust being pulled out from these tiny spaces was incredible!

I am NOT a clean freak. Far from it! But it was like seeing a seedy motel room under black light for the first time. Nasty. This is a lesson to keep up on the cleaning periodically.

The only caveat about this little miracle worker? You have to have small fingers. Big folks will have to be happy with a single digit. Not a big deal, but you should know before you buy.

It IS machine washable, so getting the dirt OFF of it is pretty simple. I've washed it a couple of times now and it springs back to health each time.

For a couple of dollars, this is a keeper. I'll wager there are quite a few additional uses for this thing. Like cleaning the dust off my driving instruments before I leave.

I've been learning that things you can buy, that SEEM like the greatest thing since sliced bread aren't always what they seem. And more often than not, don't perform as advertised. This little beastie does. AND it will likely have a few more uses as soon as my imagination kicks in over the long dull winter.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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