Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One Crazy Filtering Funnel!

Ready For The Season!
    I have noticed, over the years, that filling up liquids on my various vehicles (Especially the RVs) has become more and more difficult. The more stuff that's packed into an engine bay (or other compartment) the more difficult it is to fill it up! There seems to always be something between me and the filler neck. I've got quite a collection of funnels already. Large and small, long and short, but it's getting ridiculous! How many funnels can you keep on-board? Right now I need different ones for filling Oil, Coolant, Transmission fluid and Brake fluid. At least I've managed to eliminate the one I used for filling my batteries with distilled water. I am all for carrying less stuff. Everyone knows I already carry too much! This latest find will eliminate at least 3 funnels and maybe more.

I spotted this one at a discount auto parts store. It was on one of the sale tables they keep by the cash registers designed to rope you into an impulse buy. OK, I can be a bit impulsive! It's got a very flexible hose that screws apart into two sections in case you need a shorter length. It has a removable and cleanable metal mesh screen filter that you can use or not use as you want and weighs almost nothing. The spout is elongated and large enough for oil to flow quickly, but small enough to fit in every filler neck I have. It's made from heavy duty plastic that is resistant to all the liquids I have put through it so far. And it was only $1.99 plus tax.

The best feature is the flexible hose. It is VERY bend-able. I was even able to make tight "S" turns to get it to fill my Brake Master Cylinder. In the infinite wisdom of the RV designer of my Aero Cruiser they decided to place this reservoir up against the front of the RV above the level of the engine access opening. And OF COURSE there is no room to fit the bottle or a regular funnel above it. I had resorted to thin vinyl hose about 4 feet long to get it above the level of the filler, then inserting a small funnel at the end. I needed three hands! It took forever to fill. I managed to get it done with this funnel in under 2 minutes. Result!

Sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right tool for the job. How often have you found yourself thinking (or saying), "If they just made one of these that....<insert idea here> would be perfect!" This is a perfect example of that exact thing at work.

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. Could you provide manufacturer, model # info?

    1. Robert,
      Sorry, it had no manufacturer data on it. Likely, any Autozone or other parts places will have the same on.


      Rich "The Wanderman"


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