Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Hate Cleaning - But This Worked So Easily!!

Lots To Clean
    Everyone who reads my articles knows that cleaning the RV ... well, cleaning, in general ... is not my favorite thing to do. OK, if I am being honest -- I HATE cleaning. Anytime I can find someway to make that chore easier or faster I am all over it. Lately, my counter-tops and tables have been looking a bit shabby. Regular cleaners weren't getting the dirt out of the tiny scratches or removing any of the stains completely. Truthfully, I use my main table for everything including soldering lights and working on somewhat dirty components. A friend of mine suggested using cheap toothpaste to get it back to perfect again. I was obviously skeptical about that. Not anymore!!

The idea is simple. Toothpaste contains a very mild abrasive and various other gentle cleaners for your teeth. It figures that it should be gentle enough to clean other things. My tables are hardwood with a laminate (like Formica) attached to the top surface. There's wood around the edges. Many RVs have something similar. This trick will work on all of them. Simply take a small amount (about the size of a couple of peas) on a soft cloth or paper towel. Add a bit of water on the surface and slowly rub in circles. NOT hard ... just gently. Make circles, bigger and bigger. After a minute or so wipe with a clean cloth. That's it! Clean and new looking. With a fresh minty scent!!

I've found this technique will work on almost any hard smooth surface. I've used it on my shower stall, the lid of the toilet, the base of the toilet, my counter tops by the sink, and even the sink itself. I am going to try it on some outside surfaces next ... maybe it will work on dull chrome?? You should ALWAYS check to make sure the surface in question can handle the treatment BEFORE you go all in. Trust me ... I have ruined many things because I was in a hurry to get the cleaning over and used the incorrect cleaner! Now I can't get the stain from the wrong cleaner removed ... even with the right cleaner!

If you are as "cleaning averse" as I, these kinds of tips are worth their weight in gold!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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