Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just When You Thought It Was Over! - The Iceman Cometh!

    It's the very end of February, almost March. I'm beginning to get hopeful that the dreary, snow-ridden days are passing and the glorious Spring will be upon us soon. We had a "warm" day last week. In the 40's(!) The snow was melting, things were looking up. It's OVER! YAY!.... Nope, we've gone back into the deep freeze here in the Northeast, This morning was -4 degrees Fahrenheit and at night it hit -15 degrees! My RV cover is frozen to the ground. I couldn't get into my RV (easily) if I wanted to. How long can this go on! I'm so ready for my Spring RV Re-awakening!!

For A While I Couldn't Even GET To The RV!
What happened to global warming? Ice caps are melting, global climate change is upon us. Unfortunately, that means more weather extremes rather than milder overall weather. I have so many projects that I want to start outside and can't begin a single one of them! OK...I'll stop whining about it. But, I have to tell you, moving to a place that doesn't get below freezing is starting to look like a great option. Of course, like most everyone, I have obligations. Two jobs (well, three if you count writing these articles!)  I dream of retiring sometimes, but likely won't enjoy it past the "honeymoon period." Long term...not sure I could handle it. I'm a bit of a workaholic. I like being busy, doing things both for others and myself.

The Cave!
Maybe this is all simply cabin fever? Being cooped up, no matter what cool things you have to do, can get on anyone's nerves. I believe the internet only adds to the feeling. I can go online and research all sorts of things, see all sorts of places and never actually GO THERE! It feeds the itch to get back on the road. Last winter I regularly visited the inside of my uncovered RV, fired up the furnace and got some things done, projects completed on the interior...heck I even watched a movie once. RV's are a really comfortable space to relax, even just for a while. You can even imagine you are on a trip someplace and camped for the night. Think of it as a "man-cave." Or a "woman-cave" if that's actually a thing.

This coming season, I am determined to go on far more trips. Meet more of my fellow RV'ers and readers and find a better balance between work and relaxation. I'd love to hear from you.... Have any great trip ideas under 1000 miles or so? Short trips to little known places?  A nice Driveway to stay on? I'm ready to go. Well, almost. Now I just have to figure out a way to get the weather to cooperate!

Be Seeing...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"

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