Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Made It!! - Flipped The Odometer. I've Begun Again

Miserable Driving Weather.
    On my last trip out to retrieve my helicopter and trailer I had a milestone event occur. I watched my odometer flip over and begin again at zero! This is a momentous occasion. I mean, it's not as grand as starting from factory fresh zero miles and rolling through back to zero, but it was pretty special to me. I purchased the RV with 62,000 Miles on it and promptly put on 2500 more driving it back from north of San Fransisco to my home base in New York. Since then, I've had lots of trips and lots of "smiles per gallon" seeing places and meeting people along the way. There have been trials and tribulations, failures and follies. I wouldn't trade any of it for a second. Here I am, looking at my next mileage rollover, wondering where the next block of miles will take me. Wherever it is, you're welcome to join me!

Getting Close!
To be honest, my odometer only has 5 digits plus a tenth of a mile counter. So a rollover is really only 100,000 miles in total. I'm not sure I'll be around to hit the Million mile mark, but I can hope to be able to! Still, it's fascinating to watch the digits slowly creep up from 99990 to 99999. You start get fixated on the clicks of the tenth counter. Not so great on the highway at speed, mind you! I kept looking down more and more often because I didn't want to miss it happening. Add that to the fact that I wanted photos of the event for posterity's sake and I ran the risk of not being able to go much past the rollover. In fact, with all the camera juggling I could have had a rollover of another kind entirely. But let's not dwell on the "coulda's."

Made It!!!!
100,000.0 Miles! At 60 MPH. A done deal. I made it. There were a couple of shouted "whoops!" and it was over. I watched for a while as it began to climb back up. I had been thinking how cool this trip had been. Even though I was STILL driving in horrible weather with the trailer in tow. I mean, what other way is there to travel to a destination, relax in comfort, pick up a trailer, drive back semi-leisurely with comfortable overnights along the way? None that I could think of. Car or Truck? Ever sleep in a car? A truck? Not so comfortable. Sure you could sleep in a motel....well...I've seen lots of roadside motels. In a word....yuck! I like having my own stuff, my own shower and bathroom. You could fly out, buy/rent a truck and drive back. Not for me...think of the logistics nightmares with that one!

I'll take my RV anytime. Can't beat it for going on trips and adventures. And this last one was definitely an adventure! Perhaps we'll meet sometime out on the road or camped someplace. Feel free to stop by and chat. I've usually got some kind of conversation starter ready to go!

Be Seeing You...Down the Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"



  1. Congrats Rich,my 2005 Ford Pleasure Way will turn at 999999.9,wont see it,so yeah i like 5 digit odometers.

    1. Ron,
      Keep Driving! You'll make it. Thing of all the smiles per mile that will garner!

      I guess we're 5 digit guys in a 6 digit world.

      Rich "The Wanderman"

  2. Congratulations! We did that with our previous motorhome. Bought with 58,000 miles and sold with 172,000 miles. Our"new" motorhome came with 148,000 miles. We'll have to wait for 999,999 before it goes back to zero.

    1. Dan,
      It's a bummer to have so many miles to go....but think of all the fun you'll have getting there!

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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