Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Keep Your Interior Clean? Is That Possible In An RV?

The Entry-way
    We all know that an RV can be parked just about anyplace. Of course I mean legally! I've been to all sorts of places over the years. Some nice and clean (like parking lots) some not so much. It seems no matter where I am camped, dust and dirt will find its way inside and end up on the carpets. Now, understand...I really don't have that much carpet, but it gets dusty and dirty nonetheless. I'll wager you have the same issue. I've written about great little 12 Volt vacuum cleaners in the past and they work great, but what about keeping the dirt out in the first place? Well, not completely out (since that's basically impossible) but to a minimum. Is that possible? Well, sort of.

Keep it out! That's the first rule of keeping dust and dirt off your carpets (well, floors and furniture too!) in your RV. I typically leave my shoes on the bottom step leading into my RV. This is the first one AFTER the retractable step. It's carpeted, but has a replaceable pad that I wash periodically. You have to remember you've left shoes on the step, though. It could get dangerous if you trip over them (don't ask me how I know this.) In inclement weather, I also cover the carpet pad with a plastic automotive carpet cover. The ones designed for rear seat floors, fits pretty nicely and are very inexpensive to boot. I also have a garbage bag tied near the door for umbrellas. Wet carpet and too little ventilation smells like...well, bad.
Typical Shoe Cleaner

Even something as simple as having a small carpet or shoe brush device on your retractable step (if it fits when retracted!) or on the ground will serve to reduce the amount of dust and dirt tracked inside your RV. When I am inside, I prefer to go barefoot. Getting pieces of whatever stuck on or IN my feet isn't compatible with my relaxation strategy. There are small sections of my wood floor that aren't covered by carpet. I try and keep these clean between trips with a floor finish product and then just sweep them gently when tying to get rid of dust and dirt. If you are good at sweeping, you can sweep it right out the door and over the retractable step!

Once dust gets in, it will end up in the strangest places. I always notice it on my stove vent. It's shiny and black, so dust is very noticeable. If it's there, it's likely settled on the furniture as well. On hard surfaces, a soft damp (not WET!) cloth will do wonders. Also those inexpensive dusters that come in a three pack, (mine are green) think of old-fashioned feather dusters, but without real feathers, work REALLY well on hard-to-get-to spots. I bought my set at a dollar store for 2 dollars. I know...why wasn't it ONE dollar?

Many people have allergies or are sensitive to dust in the air. Aside from running a powered air filter, keeping the dust down to a minimum will help a great deal. Simple steps like these will also lessen the cleaning load a lot! And everyone knows I HATE cleaning!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. I bought some black commerical kitchen mats on Amazon. They are rubber with holes. I cut it in pieces to fit the interior steps in the rv with the last piece at the landing on the rv floor at the top.They catch what little dirt that gets by my shoe scraper, and at the end of a trip, I'm surprised by how much dirt is under them.

    1. Anon,
      EXCELLENT Ideas! I'm also surprised at just how much dirt comes in from the steps.

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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