Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Even The Simple Things - Rollable Giant Trivet & Pot Holder

The Galley
    It is no mystery that I love to cook. Especially in the RV. There are very few things more wonderful that preparing a meal in the middle of nowhere, looking at beautiful scenery through the window while being warm (or cool!), dry and comfortable inside. I like to prepare meals but hate to clean lots of pots and pans, so I try and make all my recipes in a single skillet or pot. That concept has been working great so far. Breakfast especially! Lately, I have been trying some meals cooked in my convection oven or, in some instances, the microwave. They are still single-container meals, just in a larger, rectangular ceramic vessel instead of the round, on the stove, variety I had been using. My way cool silicone trivets are great, but I needed something larger to put these really hot dishes on. Enter the massive roll-able style trivet.

I had never seen a pot holder so huge! It's 11" x 17" and can be folded and rolled to fit in a utensil drawer section! How's THAT for ease of storage. It looks like a very oversized pot holder with a rubber/silicone side and a cloth side. There's also a small loop for hanging if you'd prefer. Once unrolled and placed on my table or counter, I can safely place any hot pot on it without issue. My largest rectangular baking dish is still much smaller than this "trivet." It's just large enough that I can use it like I would TWO pot holders. I can carry the dish to the table with it and then set it down on top without a problem.

While it's great for hot items, it is completely no slip/skid. Anything I have placed upon it stays put. I have a deli-style slicer at home, that slides all over the place when in use. I'll bet if I placed it on this it would stay where I set it AND probably be a bit quieter, since it's pretty thick material. The folds that remain from storage are a bit annoying, but if you just roll it and NOT fold it, they would vanish in a bit of time. Multi-use. I like that. And for only $3.00 at Wal-Mart. Most likely available online and at other shops too.

It's almost soft enough to be used as a pillow. Or maybe a small pet bed? Who knows? Maybe you'll find some other uses I haven't thought of. In any case ... it works!

Be Seeing You...Down The Road,

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. I was all excited by the prospect of this oversize trivet, and tracked one down...darn it, it's NOT silicone (hotter tolerance) but actually cotton (451F) with a rubber skid-backer. I DO have $1 true silicone 11x7 trivets I use in pairs under pans, but this was to be bigger alone...

    1. Wolfe,
      Hmmm.. mine has a label that says silicone backing. I was concerned about the cloth side...but hey 451 degrees isn't bad :)

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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