Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Another Cool Little LED Light!

    OK..I admit it...I'm a sucker for inexpensive, little and bright flashlights. I've been "collecting" flashlights for MANY years at this point and it's become a bit of an addiction. At least they are useful! This latest little beauty fit all the criteria. It's tiny, lasts a long time on its batteries and is very bright. Oh, did I mention it's pretty cool looking too? You really can't have enough lights around. OK, maybe you can, but I simply cannot resist them! It's even easier when the prices have come down so far that they have become impulse buys. Not that I didn't buy them on impulse when they weren't inexpensive!

For only $1.00 you can get this 3 LED clip-on light. I found this one at Walmart. It's really designed to clamp onto the brim of a baseball cap, but with a little imagination it could clip onto lots of different places. For example, I tried it on my sun visor. Once clipped on, I could aim the light straight down and really illuminate an object -- like a map. For those of you too young to remember, we used to navigate the roads with a large folded piece of paper that had streets printed on it. Not a glowing GPS screen. They would come nicely folded like a pamphlet...once unfolded it would become a huge poster-sized street/trip guide. Don't get me started about trying to get them RE-folded!

Not only is this light useful as a clip can be hand-held easily. It has a slightly curved design (likely to fit on a hat visor!) that feels quite nice in the hand. The switch is easy to slide with only one hand. Similar to the head strap mounted one I bought a few weeks ago, it lasts a LONG time without really getting dim. Batteries are easily replaceable and are 2032 coin-style cells. You can find these in bulk online for around 46 cents each. I always keep a couple of dozen on hand in case one goes dead. Since I have many gizmos that use's a no brainer.

Just because I am addicted to flashlights doesn't mean they all can be put to good use. I've done lots of articles on flashlights over the last few years. Magnetic lights, strap-on lights, clip-on lights, lantern lights, lights for ambience,  Multipurpose magnetic lights, and yes, even flashlights! You know what? There will probably be more to come! Stay Tuned!

Rich "The Wanderman"


  1. I found those too. I use one on my ball cap for a second (or third) bicycle headlight. There's no amount of bicycle lights that are too bright. They're also nice for seeing in unlit places because they're not tightly focused, so I get a broader view. A friend of mine has one, too, and I'm thinking about getting another.

    1. Calvin,
      I Know! How can you go wrong at $1 a piece. I went back and bought all the grey ones I could find. :)

      Rich "The Wanderman"


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